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At Jamaica Ultimate Tyre Company, you will find a wide range of new and retreaded tyres for sale for trucks and buses. Retreaded tyres cost less, last longer and are environmentally friendly, significantly reducing solid waste disposal.

Why & When To Retread Your Tyre?

You are at a greater risk of experiencing flats or blowouts with worn tyres. Worn tyres are more susceptible to damage and have less wet weather traction. Once the tyre tread is worn to the point of the tread bars e.g. 4/32″ for truck tyres.

retreated tyre


Retreaded tyres give the same mileage as comparable new tyres, at a lower cost per mile. The cost of a retreaded tyre is generally 30% to 50% less than the cost of a new tyre. Retreading a tyre saves up to 15 gallons of oil. Truck and Commercial Tyres can often be retreaded up to three times or more depending on the condition of the tyre casing.


  • Retreaded commercial tyres including trucks and bus tyres are manufactured according to rigorous industry recommended practices
  • Retreaded tyres can be driven at the same legal speeds as comparable new tyres, with no loss in performance or comfort

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